Saturday, July 23, 2011

Graduation Cake

The lady that ordered this cake requested three stacked books and I was happy to oblige with this vanilla poundcake and chocolate poundcake.  It was my first foray into carving cake...

Because I'm a stickler for detail and a bit of a perfectionist, I went to the bookstore after finding out what subjects the graduate liked best.  I took pictures of actual textbooks in those subjects and attempted to re-create them. 

Despite getting in a minor fender-bender during delivery (rear-ended!), the cake arrived safe and sound and was a huge hit.  It was fun to stretch my cake decorating wings with this one... it literally took me 8 hours to carve, frost, and decorate the books, but I think it turned out well! 

Friday, July 22, 2011

Chris & Johnny's Wedding Cake

Since Chris and Johnny were the impetus for me to go 'pro', it only seems fitting that my first blog is about them and the wedding cake they asked me to make for them...

First of all, Chris and Johnny are the sweetest, most adorable couple I've ever met.  I love my husband fiercely, but we're not that 'cute couple'... Chris and Johnny ARE.  Kind, funny, generous and sweet are but a few adjectives one could use to describe both of them.  No one was surprised when they got engaged and we couldn't wait for the wedding!

Chris just wanted something simple, nothing too ornate or fussy.  The only issue I faced with their cake was that Chris is gluten-intolerant.  We knew that Betty Crocker made a cake mix that was gluten free, but only in Chocolate or Vanilla and Chris had resigned herself to only being able to have chocolate or vanilla cake for her wedding (yum, but kind of boring).  Little did she know I had been tinkering...

I found a good quality gluten-free all purpose flour and began experimenting swapping it out of my tried and true recipes.  When she and Johnny came for their cake tasting, Chris was able to try all the cake flavors as well!  They had left it to me to come up with flavor options so I presented:  Lemon Raspberry, Apple cake with cinnamon frosting, Chocolate with buttercream, Vanilla with strawberry and peach fresh fruit filling, and Dark Chocolate with Raspberry gelee filling and chocolate buttercream.  Chris was thrilled! 

They chose Lemon cake with fresh raspberry filling, the dark chocolate/raspberry combination, and the Vanilla with strawberry/peach filling.  Per their request, I made them a three square tiered cake covered in white fondant and each tier was finished off with a navy blue satin ribbon. 

The best compliment I received after the wedding was that no one could tell the entire cake was gluten-free.  Score!!!