Saturday, August 27, 2011

Sundry Cakes

I was looking through some old cake photos on my phone and decided to post some of my favorites. Each of them were challenges and so much fun!

First up is a pair of Irish soft step shoes.... Recipient is a contender for World Championship step dancing and she loved these!

Next up is a scale model of a 1949 Caddilac Coupe de Ville that the founder of my day job company had spruced up for the Peking To Paris Road Rally Race last year. This took me eight straight hours of carving and decorating....The wheels need work.

I had never tried constructing a cake using pipes before and gave it a go with this Disney Princess cake...

And here is a rainbow cake I made for a preschool graduation...

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Thursday, August 25, 2011

You win some, you lose some

Every year our town Celebrates itself with Old Home Day (in the singular even though it spans five days, but I digress...). This year they brought back the Town Fair, where residents submit cakes, cookies, crafts and artwork for judging. Of course I decided to register...

I decided on making a white chocolate buttermilk cake with raspberry jam and buttercream frosting. I had originally planned on making a three tier orange colored cake with a white henna tattoo-inspired design. Let's just say that didn't work out...

I had unwisely decided against covering in fondant and found I had to put on a border to hide the cake boards. I didn't love this and since I'd been up already until nearly 5am working on sone other cakes, I'd decided to get some sleep and see if I could salvage it after a couple hours' sleep.

I had to make a cake delivery when I woke up and on the way home thought about how to rescue my cake. The cakes had to be in by 10am and I didn't get home til 9:45am. In five minutes I pulled off the top two tiers, scraped off all the orange border I'd had on originally and piped a new border and scrollwork in white. I was out the door and had it delivered by 9:59 to the judging area. Phew!

Oh, and it took third!

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Monday, August 22, 2011

Minnie Mouse Birthday!

So... A coworker approached me about creating a birthday cake for her daughter's first birthday. She'd seen the Minnie Mouse cake I'd made for one of her friends and said she wanted the same thing. I usually don't duplicate cakes if I can help it so I promised a variation. Originally she said it was for 30-40 people... No sweat! This was the first Minnie cake I had made...

After the invites were out and RSVP's in, she said she needed to up the number of servings. 80 people now! I had never heard of a 1st birthday party that big! She says "we're Portuguese".... Ah well, that explains it! LOL....

She ordered two smash cakes (1 to be used in pictures a week prior to the party), a dozen margarita cupcakes (YUM) and a cake to feed 80. She got this two tier chocolate with Oreo cookie filling cake and loved it! The Disney font was easy to mimic and we were in business. I'm a firm believer in the 'Less is more' approach and had to resist the urge to add bows and flowers everywhere. That would have made the cake too 'precious' and my client is more of a trendy forward kind of gal... Glad I could make this for her darling daughter Ava!